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Candy Home Appliances

Candy produced it's first Italian washing machine in 1945 and invented the modern front-loader washing machine a few years after. Candy is now an international brand offering a full range of large free-standing and built-in appliances incorporating the most advanced technologies, functional and made in Italy design offering excellent performance. Candy’s mission has always been to meet the needs of consumers with innovative but easy to use and affordable products. They have proven to stand by this mission from the first washing machine to the appliances now connected via Wi-Fi. 
Candy appliances are stylishly designed with technology in mind to meet consumers’ requirements and improve their quality of life. Discover Candy's range of smart products for washing, cooking, and storage in an all-Italian style! 

Quality and Environment

Candy Home Appliances are made from recyclable materials incorporated in each component of the product as well as in the packaging materials. Candy Group has actively participated in the definition of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) whose directive imposes the responsibility for the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment on the manufacturers or distributors of such equipment.
The main goal in the Candy production process is to reduce emissions in compliance with the regulations in the various countries as well as to reduce energy consumption related to the use of household appliances.

Research and Innovation

Candy Home Appliances are designed to improve the user's quality of life through transferring technology in easy to use systems with their center of innovation, research, and development based in Italy Brugherio.
Candy Group has opened the door to a new way of living appliances, to interact and communicate in a direct, simple, and intuitive way. Group research and development has paved the way for Candy’s first full range of appliances connected via Wi-Fi, which can communicate with users remotely, making their lives easier.