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  • Kenwood Silver Food Processor FDM786
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    Kenwood Silver Food Processor FDM786


    Kenwood Silver Food Processor has 8-speed setting and a pulse function and the dual drive outlet allows you to switch between from the 3L food processor to the 1.5L blender.

  • Bosch Food Processor MCM68840
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    Bosch Food Processor MCM68840


    The Bosch Food Processor has up to 40 functions, a 3.9L bowl, and a 1.5L blender as well as an accessory bag to store small accessories.

  • Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor FDM303SS
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    Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor FDM303SS


    The Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor comes with a 1.2L blender and 2.1L bowl and a variety of attachments to make chopping, whisking, grating, kneading, and grinding quick and simple.

  • Kenwood Food Processor FP120
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    Kenwood Food Processor FP120


    The Kenwood Food Processor has a full safety interlock feature and it has a bowl size of 1.4L so you can prepare large meals for your family.

  • Philips Food Processor HR7627
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    Philips Food Processor HR7627


    The Philips Food Processor has 2 speeds and a pulse option and thanks to PowerChop Technology, it ensures superior chopping results in both soft and hard ingredients.