AEG Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer

AEG 311L Bottom Freezer S53620CTX2

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The AEG 311L Bottom Freezer has an A++ energy rating with a stylish, sleek design. This fridge will give you the benefit of fresher food and great energy savings! Best of all, the freezer will never need to be defrosted!

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Energy Efficient Refrigerator

One of the great aspects of the AEG 311L Bottom Freezer is that it has an A++ Energy Rating. Now as an A+ energy rating is already good, an A++ unit is an impressive 21% more efficient. You can, therefore, enjoy this fridge and its great features, knowing that your food is being preserved with great energy efficiency.

AEG Bottom Freezer With No Frost

By using the best ice-free technology available this great unit has the amazing benefit of never needing to be defrosted. That is a fantastic feature to have in a high-performance freezer!

Perfect For Wine Lovers

The AEG 311L Bottom Freezer comes out with a Wine Bottle Rack, which is perfect to store your wine safely and securely, without taking up too much space. A great match for all you wine lovers out there.

Nice Even Temperatures

Complementing the TwinTech Technology is the Dynamic Multi-Air Flow technology. This air flow moves through the unit, creating an even temperature throughout the fridge. This gives you the assurance that your food is stored at the optimal temperature.

Ideal Conditions With Twintech

Store your food in the ideal conditions with the AEG 311L Bottom Freezer. This is all thanks to its amazing TwinTech Technology. What it does is maintain ideal climate and humidity conditions in the fridge. This gives you the best environment to preserve your food and also ensures you can enjoy ice-free storage in the freezer.

More Organised With More Space

Part of the charm of the AEG 311L Bottom Freezer is its MaxiBox Storage Drawer. This is a specially designed drawer, intended to provide you with enough storage space to comfortably hold your largest items. Now you can organize your freezer space efficiently and easily.


The dimensions of the AEG 311L Bottom Freezer are H 1845mm x W 595mm x D 647mm.

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