AEG 70cm Ceramic Hob HK764070FB

AEG 70CM Ceramic Hob HK764070FB

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The AEG 70CM Ceramic Hob is a stylish, sleek stove that has a Direktouch control panel. AEG stove has a Stop and Go function, which reduces all cooking zones to its lowest temperature.

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Slide Touch Control

With the extra benefit of having 5 cooking zones, the clever folks over at AEG have made the process of controlling these zones pretty easy to do. This is done with the new Direktouch control panel. All you need to do is touch the control bar of the AEG 70CM Ceramic Hob at the correct heat setting or simply slide your finger along the touch panel until you get the desired temperature. It really couldn’t get any easier.

AEG 70CM Ceramic Hob With Stop And Go F

Another great feature from AEG is the Stop and Go function. This reduces all cooking zones to its lowest temperature in the case where the cooking is interrupted. You can then deactivate the function and the stop and go feature will return the affected zones back to the initial cooking area. You can also activate this feature at any point you wish to use it as well. The stop and go feature does not stop the timer options.

Nice Modern Looks

The AEG 70CM Ceramic Hob is a stylish, sleek stove. This stunning hob is made with a single sheet of toughened black glass and has 4 cooking zones. With all the fantastic features and modern design, this hob is a great addition to any kitchen.

Get A Head Start With Automax

One of the great features of this ceramic hob is its ability to speed up your cooking process. This is done by using the Intelligent AutoMax Function. This function brings the cooking zone up to the boil and then reduces it to your pre-selected heat level. This is a great feature, saving you valuable time with your meal preparations.


The dimensions of the AEG 70CM Ceramic Hob are W 710mm x D 520mm x H 38mm.

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