AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine L34483S

AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine L34483S


The AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine is an A+++ energy rated washing machine with plenty of options to choose from, depending on your washing needs or which fabric types used.

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Energy And Water Saving Washing Machine

AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine has an amazing A+++ energy efficient rating. There is no need to worry about wasting electricity as you will be saving a lot of electricity, so when receive you lower energy bill and that would allow you to take the extra money and spoil your family.

The water consumption of this AEG front loader is 53.5L, so with the current water crisis that our country is facing, this will be the ideal washing machine for your household.

Take Your Time With The Delayed Start

One of the more convenient features of the AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine is its Delay Start function. This gives you the ability to load the washing machine and then set it to begin the washing cycle for any time that suits you, within a 24 hour period. This function automatically deactivates after 24 hours or can be switched off manually as well.

AEG Front Loader For All Fabric Types

With 16 programs to choose from on the program list there really should be no issues getting to your desired outcome. There are so many different aspects to our clothing these days. With things like the kids’ school clothes, your favorite dress or that pair of sneakers that hubby refuses to let go of, it’s important to handle each with the right care. With that in mind, there is sure to be a programme on the AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine for you. You can choose the Rinse + Spin or Spin Only program, or choose options amongst Baby wash, Cotton, Cottons economy, Delicates, Drain, Handwash, Jeans, Mix, Sport, Synthetics, Wool or Quick wash for that much-needed wash and go.

Cool To The Touch

Regardless of which setting you are using, even if you are using the hottest cycle AEG have ensured that the machine door will stay cool to the touch. This is a great safety feature of course, especially if there are little ones around that could potentially get harmed.

Noise Output

The noise output of a washing machine with a spin speed of 1400 RPM is important to take note of, especially when you have children. Luckily, the noise output of washing cycle of the AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine is only 62dBa and the Spinning cycle, 77dBa.

Always The Right Amount Of Foam

Thanks to the Over-Foaming Function of this washing machine, the unit will automatically interpret if there is in fact too much foam build up. It will then activate an additional cycle in order to reduce the excess foam.

 AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine Dimensions

AEG 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine measures in at H 850mm x W 595mm x D 550mm.

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