AEG 90cm Built-In Gas Hob HG956440SM

AEG 90cm Built-In Gas Hob HG956440SM

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The AEG 90cm Built-In Gas Hob has a fantastic design with stainless steel body and 6 burners to use for creating those big family feasts!


Flame Failure Device

For me, this is easily one of the best features of the AEG 90cm Built-In Gas Hob. What the Flame Failure Device does is shut down the source of the gas. This would happen if a flame accidentally goes out or if a burner is left on for a very long time. With so many people switching to gas operated stoves these days, one can never be too safe.

Automatic Ignition

To ignite the plates on this stove could not be easier. There are no matches required or even an extra hand to press an ignition button. By simply pushing and turning the control knob in a single-handed motion the gas hob will automatically ignite.

AEG 90cm Built-In Gas Hob With Modern Style

The AEG 90cm Built-In Gas Hob is not only safe to use but it also has a nice stylish design. It has 4 burners and also well designed Cast Iron Support. The cast iron pan supports have a modern look and it’s also very practical, accommodating all shape and sizes of pots and pans. The control panel is placed on the front of the oven so that it’s easily accessible and safe to use.

Perfect For Wok Cooking

By including a Triple Crown Burner that produces three rings of flames in one powerful burner makes this the ideal stove for wok cooking. The triple wok burner delivers maximum heat, so you can produce top quality wok based food in the comfort of your home.

Increased Visibilty

It is now easier to monitor the progress of your meals with the AEG 90cm Built-In Gas Hob thanks to the inclusion of LED Burner Indicators. These LEDs allow you to effectively monitor which burner is in use, even if your view is obstructed by cookware.

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