Bosch 10kg Home Connect Front Loader Washing Machine WAL28PHVZA


The Bosch 10kg Home Connect Front Loader Washing Machine has a reload function and ActiveOxygen technology, which effectively removes unpleasant odours from laundry. Home Connect allows you to use your smartphone to control and monitor the machine and recommends the right program to use. – Special Order

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Please note: Bosch 10kg Home Connect Front Loader Washing Machine is a special order product. It can take between 7-14 days to receive stock. If you would like to purchase this Bosch Washing Machine , please click on the “Make an enquiry for this product” button to place a special order.

  • 10kg load capacity
  • Max spin speed 1400RPM
  • ActiveWater Plus technology delivers perfect results while only using the precise amount of water needed
  • Allergy Plus helps reduce problems experienced by people sensitive to certain materials in clothes
  • AntiVibration Design for more stability and quietness
  • DrumClean Reminder
  • Child Lock
  • Programs include:
    • Refresh ActiveOxygen
    • Drum clean
    • Allergy plus
    • Duvet
    • Quick 15’/30′
    • Drain/spin
    • Rinse
    • Eco 40-60
    • Cotton
    • Cotton colour
    • Easy care
    • Delicates/silk
    • Wool
  • H 848mm x W 598mm x D 590mm
  • 3-year guarantee

VarioDrum and SpeedPerfect

The Bosch 10kg Home Connect Front Loader Washing Machine has a unique, patented VarioDrum design which is gentle on clothes and offers the ultimate garment care to wash your clothes efficiently. With SpeedPerfect you can reduce your washing time by up to 65% without compromising results. SpeedPerfect can be used in combination with most of the programs, all loads and textiles.

Get More Out Of Your Water Usage

Active Water technology help gets the most out of every single drop of water. You can now get better performance with less water. Achieved through a two-step load adjustment system. You can wash smaller loads without feeling guilty. The Bosch Washing Machine automatically adjusts water usage to your load.

Reload With Bosch

Don’t you just hate it when you started a wash cycle, and shortly after that you find a dirty sock behind the machine or you forgot to add your favorite shirt. Luckily the Bosch 10kg Home Connect Front Loader has a reload function, which allows you to add or even remove clothes during a wash cycle. You can pause the running cycle, open the door, add or remove clothes and then you can continue the wash.

Removes Unwanted Odours

The Bosch 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine uses ActiveOxygen technology, to effectively remove unpleasant odours from your laundry, without chemical additives and with the push of a button. Washing process is optimized, so that even the most delicate garments such as lingerie and baby clothes are protected, and prevented from shrinking.

Home Connect App With Remote Diagnostics

You can have complete control of the Bosch 10kg Home Connect Front Loader Washing Machine, with Home Connect Remote Monitoring & Control. Simply connect your smartphone to the machine, using the Home Connect app, and you can conveniently control and monitor this front loader.

If you have trouble selecting the correct program for your laundry, then have to fear, Home Connect with Easy Start Guide function will remove the guesswork, and always recommend the right program to use, directly from your smartphone. Enter your laundry’s colour, material type and degree of soiling in the Home Connect app, and the app will choose the right program and you will get perfect results, wash after wash.

In the unlikely, but possible event that you feel that the Bosch front loader is not working the way they’re supposed to, you can simply call the Home Connect Hotline. You can arrange an appointment for a remote diagnosis of your connected appliance via the Internet.

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If you still have queries regarding this product, feel free to click the “Make an enquiry for this product” button above, “New General Enquiry”, on live chat (between 8 am and 6 pm) or just give us a ring! Our friendly and experienced consultants are always happy to help.

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