Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher SMS46GI00Z

Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher SMS46GI00Z

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The Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher is a great unit with useful features packaged in a modern, stylish design and it’s easy to operate. With adjustable shelves, you are given the freedom to create the space needed for your pots and pans.


Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher With Eco Dryer

This A+ energy efficient rated dishwasher from Bosch features has Eco Dryer function that can easily be activated. Once you have selected the Eco 50° program, it sends a command for the door to open automatically once the program ends.

The annual energy consumption, based on 280 standard cycles, is 290 Kilo Watt Per Hour.

A Dishwasher With A Personal Touch

The Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher is made with a list of features ready to use under the provided factory settings. These are of course very useful and make using this dishwasher easy to use. However, you can also adjust these setting to suit your personal preferences, once you have become accustomed to your preferred cleaning cycles. Conveniently, you can set up to 3 personalized options and then enter them all simultaneously.

Create The Space You Need

Perhaps you have hosted a large dinner party or have just allowed the dishes to pile up for a day or two, no problem. The Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher have shelving that is adjustable, giving you the freedom to create the space needed.

The cutlery basket can be removed completely if needed, while you can also fold down the side shelves to create more space for taller items.

A Dishwasher That Saves You Time

The Save Time feature of the Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher can reduce the running time by approximately 20% to 66%, depending on the rinse cycle that is selected. In order for you to reach the optimum results at a reduced time, water and energy consumption are increased.

Hygiene Friendly Too

This fantastic dishwasher has a HygienePlus feature, which is ideal for cleaning items like chopping boards and baby bottles. How this works is by increasing and maintaining the temperature for an extra long time. By doing this continuously over time you will increase the hygiene status of your unit.

Though the Bosch Dishwasher has a noise output of 50dBA, it has a low water consumption of 12L and with our current water crisis, we need to save water wherever we can.


The Bosch 12 Place Series 4 Dishwasher measures at H 845mm x W 600mm x D 600mm.

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