Bosch 14cm Built-In Warmer Drawer Series 8 BIC630NS1


Install the Bosch 14cm Built-In Warmer Drawer separately or combine it with other Series 8 appliances. Heating plates is made of toughened glass.– Special Order


Please note: This Bosch Warmer Drawer is a special order product. If you would like to purchase this Bosch Warmer Drawer, please click on the “Make an enquiry for this product” button to place a special order.

Combine The Drawer With Other Appliance

Bosch 14cm Built-In Warmer Drawer makes the perfect addition to any kitchen and can be installed either separately or in combination with other Series 8 appliances such as the ovens, microwaves or coffee machine. Practical push and pull technology ensures the drawer can always be opened with ease, even when your hands are full.

What Can I Use The Warmer Drawer For?

Heating plates are made of toughened glass and serves to preheat plates, keep food warm or cook at low temperatures. Other functions include dough proving and thawing of delicate foods.

With 52L capacity, the drawer can load up to 25kg. Temperature control in four levels range between 40°C and 80°C.


Bosch 14cm Built-In Warmer Drawer measures in at H 140mm x W 595mm x D 548mm.

Aperture: H 140mm x W 560-568mm x D 550mm.

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