Bosch 71L Series-8 Multifunction Oven HBG656LS1

Bosch 71L Series-8 Multifunction Oven HBG656LS1

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Let the Bosch 71L Series-8 Multifunction Oven do the baking for you with PerfectBake or enjoy succulent roasts with PerfectRoast. 4D Hot Air evenly distributes heat for thorough cooking or baking.

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Perfect Roasting And Baking

By simply choosing the type of dish you want to bake and pressing start, the Bosch 71L Series-8 Multifunction Oven will take over and do the baking for you. PerfectBake uses sensors which measures the moisture level of your dishes and then automatically adjust the entire baking process. Heating mode, time and temperature is then set to accommodate the dish being baked to ensure perfect baking results.

PerfectRoast works with a meat probe which is equipped with three sensitive measuring points. To achieve perfect roasting results, the probe uses the lowest temperature reading to determine the core temperature and then calculates the residual cooking time. It can be used manually or with Bosch Assist. Core temperature can be modified and combined with microwave cooking functions.

Cook On Four Levels

Thanks to 4-D Hot Air heat is distributed evenly on all levels of the oven. Cooking cakes and biscuits can now be prepared on up to four levels simultaneously. It allows you to save time and energy. Other heating methods include:

  • HotAir Eco
  • Top/bottom heat
  • Top/bottom heat Eco
  • Hot air grilling
  • Full-width grill
  • Half-width grill
  • Pizza setting
  • Bottom heat
  • Slow cooking
  • Defrost
  • Plate warming
  • Keep warm

Efficient Bosch Oven

With an A Energy rating, you can prepare all your favorite dishes without running up the electricity bill. Green Technology Inside guarantees an efficient appliance.

TFT Touch Display

Bosch 71L Series-8 Multifunction Oven comes with the touchscreen display which is designed to make life in the kitchen easy. With the intuitive control ring and touchscreen, you can activate special cooking programs, adjust temperature and cooking times. Full text and image display along with helpful prompts guide you through each step as you navigate through the menu.

Cleaning Convenience

Bosch Series 8 oven makes cleaning easy with EcoClean Direct. Special coating automatically absorbs grime which is why almost no cleaning is required. Full glass inner door can also be cleaned with the simple wipe of a cloth.


Bosch 71L Series-8 Multifunction Oven measures in at H 595mm x W 595mm x D 548mm.

Aperture: H 585-595mm x W 560-568mm x D 550mm.

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