Bosch Steam Iron Sensixx DA10 TDA102411C


The Bosch Steam Iron Sensixx DA10 has a special three phase design soleplate, 300ml water tank, DripStop function, to prevent water droplets and unsightly water marks on fabrics and it has a 3 AntiCalc feature that prevents limescale build up.


Please note: Stock only available in the WESTERN CAPE and GAUTENG

  • 2400W
  • 300ml water tank
  • Ergonomic design
  • Precision ironing tip
  • 3m cable for flexibility while ironing
  • Indicator light
  • 1-year guarantee

Easy Ironing With DripStop Function

Bosch Steam Iron Sensixx DA10 has variable temperature control to accommodate a wide variety of materials. It also has a water spray function which is used to moisten wrinkles. When the steam vents does not emit enough water, spraying water on the wrinkle will assist with the steam pressing. Vertical steaming allows steam cleaning clothes while they hang. The DripStop function independently controls the temperature of the water flow, therefore preventing water droplets and unsightly water marks on fabrics.

Special Bosch Soleplate

The three phase design of the Bosch Steam Iron Sensixx DA10 ensures optimal distribution of steam and effortless gliding. Triple phase works with moistening, smoothing and drying. Collectively it allows for convenient ironing. Integrated safety system ensures safe steaming.

Bosch Steam Iron With Anti Calc Feature

3 AntiCalc feature functions by combining self-clean, calc ‘n clean and built-in anti-calc system. Calc ‘n clean prevents limescale build up on your iron. It washes away lose particles before they can cause any damage. Anti Calc Feature prolongs that lifespan of the Bosch Steam Iron Sensixx DA10.

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