Cloud Nine King Mattress Protector


Waterproof Cloud Nine King Mattress Protector creates a barrier to protect you from dust mites and will prolong the life of your mattress.

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Please note: Stock only available in the WESTERN CAPE

Dust Mite Free

Dust mites will be a thing of the past with the mattress protector. Cloud Nine King Mattress Protector creates a barrier to protect you from dust mites and other bed bugs.

Soft And Comfortable

Sleep is important to your health as it restores your immune system and the mattress protector provides an extra level of padding to your mattress, hence your bed will be soft and comfortable, ensuring you a good night’s rest.


If you have little ones who run to your bed every morning with their bottles or juice, you can rest assured that if they spill anything on the Cloud Nine King Mattress Protector, it will not stain your mattress protector.
Another advantage of the waterproof mattress protector is that if you have children who sleep in bed with you, and they have a ‘little accident’, your bed will not have any stains, you will just have to clean the mattress protector.

Prolong The Life Of Your Mattress

The mattress protector will prolong the life of your mattress and it will keep your mattress clean for a longer period of time. We all perspire at night and we shed dead skin cells, all of this goes into your mattress but thankfully the mattress protector will prevent any body substances from getting into your mattress.

Size Up Your Mattress

Depending on the size of your mattress, you should get a mattress protector that fits your mattress. Luckily, we have a wide size variety of Cloud Nine Mattress Protects.


The dimensions of the Cloud Nine King Mattress Protector are 183cm x 200cm x 35cm.

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