Cloud Nine Tudor Double Bed Set Extra Length

Cloud Nine Tudor Double Bed Set Extra Length


The Cloud Nine Tudor Double Bed Set Extra Length is a no-turn unit with a durable mattress thanks to its high-density foam. It can accommodate weights up to 155kg.


Micro Quilted Poly-Cotton

The covers for the Cloud Nine Tudor Double Bed Set Extra Length are made with a luxuriously soft touch micro quilted poly-cotton knitted ticking. These are comfortable, gentle and importantly have zero irritation on your skin. This effectively also acts as a moisture guard, with anti-bacterial properties that expand the lifespan of your mattress.

High-Density Genuine Natural Latex

This Cloud Nine bed set accommodates weights up to 155kg and uses high density genuine natural latex and buoyant polyurethane foam layers, providing it with a good firm surface.  This is a set of layers in the extra length double mattress that provide buoyant, uplifting support and gives it added comfort.

Cloud Nine Tudor Double Bed Set Extra Length With i-Rest Ventilation System

One of the great benefits of this fantastic bed set is that it uses the i-Rest ventilation system. This allows air to move freely through the mattress, thanks to its open cell foam. It is a very responsive mattress, regaining its shape much faster than that of memory foam.

Firm But Gentle

The Tudor has been designed with specific benefits in mind. A big part of this design is the high density reconstituted foam posture support core. This makes up the top, to the middle area of the mattress, giving you stable spinal support. This layer is what gives the Cloud Nine Tudor Double Bed Set Extra Length its iconic comfort.

The Pleasure Of  Zero Movement Transfer

Perfect for anyone that is a light sleeper. If you have a partner that moves around a lot when they sleep then this bed set would work great for you. With Zero Movement Transfer, any pressure dispersed on this extra length double bed set gets absorbed only into the affected area. This allows the rest of the surface area to remain undisturbed and allows you to get a good nights rest.

Hygienic And Allergy Free

The mattress for the Tudor Double Bed Set Extra Length is 100% allergy and odour free. This is a great benefit for anyone that has allergy or sinus issues and is made with zero chemicals that irritate the sinuses. Every mattress is made to be completely stable, non-toxic and hygienic – so less sneezing or clogged up noses.

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