Cloud Nine Weightstar Single Bed Set

Cloud Nine Weightstar Single Bed Set


The Cloud Nine Weightstar Single Bed Set is hygienic, allergy free and great for anyone looking for luxurious, firm support, with support up to 120kg.


A Luxuriously Soft Comfort Layer

Made from soft poly-cotton, the top layer of the Cloud Nine Weightstar Single Bed Set is comfortable and gentle to the touch. This means that it doesn’t irritate the skin and also serves as an effective guard against moisture. If that isn’t great enough already, it also has antibacterial properties, extending the lifespan of the mattress.

Great For Spinal Support

There’s a lot more that goes into selecting the perfect bed set for you. If you are someone that has issues with back pain, then the Weightstar is a bed set that you should look into. The middle to the top layer of the mattress is made up of High-density, buoyant, Polyurethane foam layers. While offering stable, spinal support, these layers also provide a nice gentle feeling, while at the same time providing comfort.

Eliminate Back and Joint Aches

Regardless whether you sleep on your back, tummy or side, the area between our neck and lower back places the most strain on the mattress. Cloud Nine places a layer of High density reconstituted foam inside the center of the mattress to give you the support your body needs. This dense layer absorbs more pressure, retains its support structure and protect your posture. Called the Posture Support Core, ensures perfect support and provides no back or joint aches in the morning.

Weightstar Single Bed Set With Zero Movement transfer

One of my favourite features of the Weightstar Single Bed Set is its zero movement transfer. Every so often we all end up with a restless night of sleep, tossing and turning all through the night. With this bed set, you or your partner can enjoy a full night’s rest, even with a restless sleeper next to you. The mattress absorbs pressure only on the area it is being placed on, leaving the rest of the surface area undisturbed. Sneaking out for a quick Midnight snack has never been easier.


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