Defy 30L Metallic Microwave Oven DMO390

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The Defy 30L Metallic Microwave Oven has a large capacity to defrost, cook and reheat your foods and preset menu programs will make your life easier. Ideal if you sharing a apartment with your friends.


Large Capacity

Cooking food in the microwave is actually one of the healthiest, fastest and most energy-efficient ways to cook. The Defy 30L Metallic Microwave Oven has enough capacity for you to cook, defrost or even just heat up your foods. Whether you want to warm your milk, or if you want to reheat your leftover, this Defy countertop microwave heats them all.


No one wants something heated on the outside and it’s still cold on the inside; with the Defy Microwave Oven, you do not have to worry about this. Using only 900W of power, this microwave is ideal if you sharing and apartment with a friend or your partner. The Defy 30L Metallic Microwave Oven has an electronic control and a digital display, in addition, this Defy Microwave has preset menu programs that you can make use of to make your life easier.


The dimensions of the Defy 30L Metallic Microwave Oven are H 300mm x W 540mm x D 420mm.

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Microwave Capacity

30 Litre

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2 reviews for Defy 30L Metallic Microwave Oven DMO390

  1. Robert K. Rudolph

    Sadly DEFY has made an absolute ‘FLOP’ with this Microwave. Every time you cook the amount of Condensation left behind in the oven is almost enough to fill your pool! I now see why they have ADDED a sticker inside the door instructing one to Dry out the oven after EVERY use!

  2. EC Smith

    Microwave works perfectly! Easy to operate and meets all of my cooking needs.

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