Defy 53L 4 Plate Electric Stove DSS514


The Defy 53L 4 Plate Electric Stove has an A Energy rating which allows you to cook in an efficient manner. Four solid plates and 53L oven capacity provides all you need with this compact stove.

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Reduce Electricity Cost

Cooking food in electric ovens has a bad reputation for using large amounts of energy. Defy 53L 4 Plate Electric Stove is more efficient than regular stoves. An A Energy rating ensures lower electricity costs and benefits the environment.

No Need To Struggle With Cleaning

Cleaning a stove can be a nightmare. It tends to be a full-body workout cleaning regular stoves. Defy stove has an enamel oven interior which is easy to clean. Build up grease and food accumulate is no longer a concern.

All You Need Compact Defy Stove

With four solid plates, there is enough space for all your cooking needs. The 53L static oven has three functions which can be adjusted with the selector switch. Choose between the 70ºC to 230ºC temperature range to cook all your favorite foods at the desired temperature. Defy stove oven door is air-cooled and consists of double glass. The oven also includes a chrome-plated oven shelf and a roasting pan.

Please note: This Defy Stove does not come with a Sprague, the stove needs to be installed by a qualified electrician. If you do not make use of an electrician, the guarantee of the stove will not be included.


Defy 57L 4 Plate Electric Stove measures in at H 980mm x W 500mm x D 580mm.

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