Defy Portable Air Conditioner

Defy Portable Air Conditioner ACP12H1


The Defy Portable Air Conditioner you get the best of both worlds. There is the great sensation of a good aircon unit and the benefit of it being portable.


Aircon To Help You Breathe

This fantastic Defy Portable Air Conditioner not only creates lovely cold and warm air but it also makes that air clean and healthy. This is done by using an anti bacterial filter that releases the healthier air. Naturally this is good for anybody that suffers with respiratory ailments.

The Defy Portable Air Conditioner Packs A Punch

Even in its compact, moveable shape and size, this portable air conditioner is very powerful. The unit runs off a cooling capacity of 12000 btu/h and the heating aspect runs at 11000 btu/h. That’s a pretty impression strength for such a little machine. Staying cool on those hot summer days will be one click away.

It Dehumidifies Too

The Defy Portable Air Conditioner has a Dehumidifying Function as well. This works when the unit is not in cooling mode. Now you might be wondering what the purpose of this is, and here it is. The air in a dehumidifier passes over a series of cooling coils and then immediately over a set of heating coils. That is then pushed out of the air conditioner as drier air. The dehumidifier mode is not only a little more economical to use but it also has an effect on how the cool air is experienced. This is because the cool air is more effective in a less humid environment.

Benefits Of Going Portable

Well the main benefit is just that, it can go almost anywhere you need it. You could use the unit to cool or heat your bedroom then move it to the living room area for the rest of the family to enjoy. There is no need to spend time or money on installation and when you don’t need to use it. The portable can easily be stored under a counter or in a cupboard. This great little air conditioner can even join your family when going on holiday! If the holiday home you are using does not have a air conditioner you can just bring your own.

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