Defy Stainless Steel 68L Eye-Level Built-In Oven DBO461

Defy Stainless Steel 68L Eye-Level Built-In Oven DBO461

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Defy Stainless Steel 68L Eye-Level Built-In Oven is an A energy rated appliance with a 68L capacity which allows you to prepare meals for your entire family effortlessly and it is easy to clean.


Energy Efficient

Defy has invented the Defy Stainless Steel 68L Eye-Level Built-In Oven which has an A energy efficient rating that saves energy as well as electricity with its larger capacity.

Largest Oven Capacity

With an Oven (Gross) capacity of 68L, it is ideal for bulk cooking so you can invite your whole family or your neighbors over for supper and prepare large meals effortlessly, in addition, you will be saving electricity.

Exterior Of Defy 81L Eye-Level Oven

The Eye-Level Oven has a plastic handle that you pull down to open the oven. Control panel is stainless steel and consist of 3 knobs; Thermostat, where you can select the temperature between 700°C-2300°C, Ringer timer which may be used for timing a cooking period for up to 60 minutes, and Selector which allows you to select the function that you want the oven to perform.
The Selector switch consists of the following functions:
• Off
• Oven light, which allows you to switch on the light and select another function
• Conventional bake, which utilizes the bottom and top element making it ideal for baking roasting and cooking
• Bottom element only, which only makes use of  bottom element allowing oven to be used as a warming space
• Grill and Bottom element, which reduces oven heat-up time so there is no need to preheat the oven
• Grill, which allows you to grill your food.

Interior Of Defy Appliance

Defy Stainless Steel 68L Eye-Level Built-In Oven contains a light bulb so you will be able to see when your food is done by looking through the large viewing window and the fascia cooling fan will ensure that the heat is transferred throughout the oven resulting in your food cooking evenly and more quickly.

In addition, an oven shelf, baking tray, roast pan and a wire grid are included so that you can experiment and make a few dishes before you decide to buy more accessories which are available at any of our stores.

Easy To Clean Oven

For cleaning purposes, you are able to remove the oven door by following the instructions provided in the manual. A wet cloth with a little soap is all you need to easily clean the interior and shelves and the baking element may also be removed to improve access when cleaning the Defy oven.

Dimensions Of The Defy Oven

The dimensions of the Defy Stainless Steel 68L Eye-Level Built-In Oven measure H 605mm x W 595mm x D 565mm.

It is recommended that this Defy Slimline oven should be installed by a qualified electrician as this appliance needs to be earthed to provide a path for a fault current to flow to earth which protects you from an electric shock.

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