Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine ESAM3500

Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine ESAM3500


The Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine is a bean-to-cup unit with a patented automatic cappuccino system. Enjoy a delicious cup with the touch of a button!


Customizing Coffee Made Easy

The Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine makes personalizing coffee so easy. Simply choose from short, medium or long. You can have a strong or extra mild aroma and enjoy it piping hot or at medium temperature.

Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine Makes Automatic Cappuccino

This is done using the “Automatic Cappuccino” feature. Simply place the cup under the nozzle, hit the pre-set button and the machine will do the rest. You can use either coffee beans or ground coffee in this unit and prepare two cups with a single brewing.

It’s Practical And Easy To Clean

The Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine makes use of a removable brewing unit with variable capacity. The water and coffee quantities are adjustable. There are also auto-programmes in place for rinsing and decalcification.

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