Elegance 9 Fin Oil Heater EL11-09


The Elegance 9 Fin Oil Heater has 3 power settings and it is an energy efficient oil heater which is gaurantees you a lower electricity bill.

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Energy Saver

Elegance 9 Fin Oil Heater is an energy efficient oil heater which is perfect for your household because you will be saving more energy hence you will have a lower electricity bill. The Oil Heater fins will remain warm for a period of time once you switch off your heater, so you can save electricity yet your room will remain warm and cozy room during those cold winter nights.

3 Power Setting

The Elegance 9 Fin Oil Heater has 3 power settings which you can choose from, depending on how cold it is and especially when you experiencing those cold winter nights you can set your hear on the maximum power setting.

Overheat Protections

In the event that a problem such as overheating occurs, the built-in safety feature called the overheat protection, will automatically turn off the heater.

Power Indicator Lights

You can clearly see which power setting you/your family member has set the heater with help from the power indicator light located above the power setting knob.

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