Espresto Wave 2S24-Silver Capsule Machine

Espresto Wave 2S24-Silver Capsule Machine

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The Espresto Wave 2S24-Silver Capsule Machine  is the machine you coffee lovers have been waiting for. Grab a delicious cup of brew with the touch of a button.


Made For The Coffee Lovers

If you are someone that enjoys a good cup of coffee and want the ability to create that caffeine goodness quick and easy, then the Espresto Wave 2S24-Silver Capsule Machine is just for you. This modern coffee maker brings barista quality coffee into your home with a variety of flavours to choose from and is easy to use.

Espresto Wave 2S24-Silver Capsule Machine With Modern Design

This fantastic little coffee machine has a great stylish design. It has been created to be sleek and modern, with a compact shape and chrome finishes to give it a great look. There is a storage compartment that holds up to 10 flavour capsules and has a 1L water tank. The Espresto 2S24-Silver Capsule Machine is engineered to make use of the coffee pods and create a unique flavour experience.

Quick And Easy To Use

With no complicated settings or functions, the Espresto Wave 2S24-Silver Capsule Machine is very easy to operate. There is a programmable cup filling feature, ensuring you get the most flavour out of your capsule. The unit has an automatic start/stop function which is followed up with an automatic capsule ejector. It really doesn’t get any easier to create a quality cup of coffee. Cleaning the unit is also a simple process thank to the automatic rinsing function.

Small With A Big Punch

For such a compact coffee maker there sure is quite a bit of pressure-packed in the unit. This coffee machine pumps the hot water through the coffee with an impressive 19-bar high-performance pump. Together with the other features and you have an effective, stylish coffee maker that would look great in any kitchen.

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