Goldair Three Panel Gas Heater GGH-42BA

Goldair Three Panel Gas Heater GGH-42BA

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The Goldair Three Panel Gas Heater is a durable, energy saving unit that has a fast heating function and is easy and safe to use.


Keep Warm While Saving Energy

Because it does not require electricity to operate, the Goldair Three Panel Gas Heater is a fantastic energy saving unit. This great little unit is very user-friendly thanks to the Pulsar ignition mode with battery, making the process of starting it, an easy operation. You can also heat up the intended space in no time with the Infrared Fast heating functionality.

Goldair Three Panel Gas Heater With Flame Failure Protection

Everyone enjoys the speed and convenience of a gas heater, not to mention the saving on electricity. However, when it comes to using a gas operated product there are usually concerns over safety. The good news is the team making this unit have added a fantastic safety feature – flame failure protection. Essentially this kicks in when the pilot flame dies. The sensor of Goldair Three Panel Gas Heater will then close the valve that in turn will cut the flow of gas to the unit, essentially turning the heater off.

Practical, Safe And Mobile

The Goldair Three Panel Gas Heater is a simple unit that does its job very well. The heater is quick and easy to ignite, and the controls are situated at a convenient level above the panel. The unit is made with a good quality metal with a smooth finish and has a neat, secure casing at the back to protect the gas cylinder. Keep in mind the unit does not come with a gas cylinder, but they are available at all Tafelberg stores for purchase and you can bring in your empty gas cylinders to exchange here as well.

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