Grundig Divide And Cook Oven

Grundig 80L Divide And Cook Oven GEZST47000B


The Grundig Divide And Cook Oven is an A energy class unit that gives you the ability to cook 2 various dishes at the same time, at 2 different temperatures!


Save Time With Dual Cooking

You will save hours with the Grundig 80L Divide And Cook Oven and get up to three meals prepared at the same time. That is definitely a great feature and even more impressive when considering the 80L cavity space, plenty of room to prepare a feast! This feature not only allows you to set different temperatures but times for the various spaces as well. If that wasn’t impressive enough, circulating fans ensure that none of the aromas mix with each other.

Grundig Divide And Cook Oven Is An Energy Saver

Now it’s already clear that being able to cook multiple meals at the same time is a time saver, this also makes this oven a fantastic energy saving unit. So you can have a chicken roasting in the oven at 230°C while your muffins are baking in the second cavity at 150°C. The oven falls in the A Energy Class, meaning that you can save up to 35% energy by using only the upper cavity while saving up to 40% energy by using only the bottom cavity. Now you can sit back with the family while at the same time putting money back in your pocket.

The Ideal Cooking Environment

Grundig 80L Divide And Cook Oven has holes located in the side walls of the oven, through which hot air is circulated. This circulates the air in a uniformed manner, ensuring that you get very evenly cooked food. By the air circulating horizontally on each level, you get the ability to cook three separate meals simultaneously and keeps the aromas from mixing.


The dimensions of the Grundig 80L Divide And Cook Oven are H 595mm x W 594mm x D 567mm.

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