Grundig 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine GWN 48430 SC

Grundig 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine GWN 48430 SC


The Grundig 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine has an amazing A+++ energy efficient rating, a maximum spin speed of 1400RPM and up to 16 programs to make use of.


Energy And Water Saving Washing Machine

Grundig 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine has an amazing A+++ energy efficient rating. There is no need to worry about wasting electricity as you will be saving a lot of electricity, so when receive you lower energy bill and that would allow you to take the extra money and spoil your family.

The water consumption of this front loader is 45L, so with the current water crisis that our country is facing, this will be the ideal washing machine for your household.

Large Capacity

Grundig Washing Machine has an 8kg washing load capacity, which is perfect for a family of five’s washing and even enough space to add the washing of a guest. You can wash up to 40 shirts in one wash.

Grundig Front Loader has a large porthole door that is 34cm, so you easily put your washing in or take your washing out of this washing machine.

Noise Output

Washing Machines with a maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM are generally loud, but the Grundig 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine the washing cycle has a noise output of 56dBa and spinning cycle has a noise output of only 74dBA.

Child Lock Loading Door

Child door lock is ideal when you have little children running around the house or if your nieces and nephews come over to prevent them from interfering with the washing cycle.

Time Delay Display

Grundig Washing Machine allows you to automatically set the Washing Machine to have a delayed start for up to 24 hours. The time delay feature is useful if you want your washing machine to work while you sleeping or when you and family are away for the weekend.

Washing Machine Programs

The 1400 spin speed Grundig 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine has up to 16 programs

  • Rinsing, program that is used when you want to wash certain items of clothing separately
  • Spin+Pump, this program drains the washing machine
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Eco
  • Synthetic, ideal for synthetic fabrics as it prevents the stretching of the fabric
  • WoolProtect, this program will prevent friction between wool fabric which will protect wool clothing from damage.
  • Handwash, ideal for delicate items which require being hand washed
  • Quick Wash 40°/40‘, program which will wash a full load in 40 minutes hence you will save time and money
  • Mini 14′, for lightly soiled laundry
  • Gentle Care, for valuable and delicate and it prevents discolouring and damage of fabric
  • Anti-Allergy, ideal for babies and asthmatics as it eliminates bacteria by proving a higher level of hygiene
  • Dark Care, which prevents your dark clothes from fading.
  • Machine Care, is a program designed to clean the machine at a high temperature to ensure hygiene
  • Shirts, this program is used to washing your cotton shirts
  • Bedding

In addition, there is a Sensewash program which will automatically determine the best washing setting depending on the size and the type of load. This program will give you the peace of mind that your washing will be safeguarded and will save the hassle of selecting the washing setting.


The dimension of the Grundig 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine is H 850mm x W 600mm x D 630mm.

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