Legend Lock & Lock 2.4L Season & Serve Container HPL350

Legend Lock & Lock 2.4L Container HPL350


The Legend Lock & Lock 2.4L Container is a BPA free container with a silicone seal and a four-sided locking mechanism that stores marinated meat and this container is freezer safe.

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Multipurpose Container

You can use this Legend Lock & Lock 2.4L Container to store marinated meat. You can store food that you want to freeze in this Legend container as it is safe to put in a freezer.

Air And Liquid Tight

This container has a silicone seal and a four-sided locking mechanism, which makes this container 100% air and liquid tight, making this an excellent storage food compartment for your food as it will ensure your food remains fresher longer.

BPA Free

BPA containers that store your food and water could pose a serious health risk but this Legend Container is BPA free, so you have the peace of mind that you can store and warm up food without the risk of toxins leaching into your food.


When you are reheating food in the microwave, it is advised that you open the lid and do not keep the Legend Lock & Lock 2.4L Container in the microwave for longer than 3 minutes. Avoid Microwaving foods which are high in fat and oil, as the fats and oils can cause damage to the inside of the container.

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