LG 392L Top Freezer GL-B492GLPL

LG 392L Top Freezer GL-B492GLPL

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The A+ energy rated LG 392L Top Freezer utilizes LED lighting which is more energy efficient and also has a longer lifespan.The LG Top Freezer comes with a removable ice tray and water dispenser.

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Efficiency With LED Lighting

Unlike most fridges that use conventional light bulbs, the A+ energy rated LG 392L Top Freezer utilizes LED lighting. These are more energy efficient and also have a longer lifespan. LED lights also provide a far better lighting environment, so you will experience better illumination throughout the fridge.

LG 392L Top Freezer With Moving Ice Tray

I am someone that loves ice, my freezer always has a few ice trays stacked in it. So whenever I see a feature that is beneficial to my love for those frozen water cubes, my interests are peaked. The Moving Ice Tray in the LG 392L Top Freezer Fridge is a simple, yet very effective inclusion. The tray simply clips onto the shelve and can be moved from side to side, giving you the freedom of packing the space as need be. Then there is also the option to unclip and completely remove the tray if you require additional storage space.

LG’s Hygiene Caring System

This fridge is manufactured using the LG 4-Step Hygiene Caring System. What this does is utilizes a 4 stage filtration system and blocks out bacteria as well as odours, here’s the breakdown. Stage 1 filters out dust, stage 2 filters out fungi spores, stage 3 is the bacteria filter and finally, stage 4 is the deodorizing filter. Combine these 4 stages and you have a fridge that is hygiene fresh and blocks out nasty odours as well.

Inverter Linear Compressor

This is the technology that is used in the LG 421L Crystal 6 Top Freezer Fridge. Making the fridge energy efficient, reducing noise levels and keeping food fresher for longer, thereby extending the life of the unit. Because of this technology LG gives a 10-year warranty on the Inverter Linear Compressor.

Refrigerator Dimensions

The dimensions of the LG 392L Top Freezer are H 1725mm x W 680mm x D 715mm.

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