LG 600L Side by Side Fridge GC-J247SLUV


The LG 600L Side by Side Fridge has an A+ energy rating and it is a plumbed refrigerator. The Multi Air Flow system of this LG Fridge distributes cool air through the unit, evenly.


  • A+ rated refrigerator
  • Net capacity 600L
  • Plumbed water dispenser
  • Interior of the fridge
    • LED lighting
    • 4 shelves
    • 5 door racks
    • 3 extra door racks
    • 2 drawers
  • Interior of the freezer
    • LED lighting
    • 4 shelves
    • 2 door racks
    • 2 drawers
    • Ice maker
  • H 1790mm x W 912mm x D 738mm
  • 2-year guarantee

Door In Access

LG has created a Door In Door design that will allow you to access your favorite drinks and snacks by using a unique panel that opens with just a touch of a button. The innovative Door-In-Door results in reduced exposure to the entire fridge compartment so that there will be a minimum cool air loss, therefore you will save electricity.

Your Fruit And Vegetables Will Last Longer

There is a special storage compartment in the LG 600L Side by Side Fridge that keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. It does this is by vacuum sealing the produce directly in the drawer itself. You simply press the button on the door and you will actually hear the air being sucked out and the drawer being sealed shut. This is also known as the Moist Balance Crisper and keeps up to 20% more moisture.

The Benefit Of Multi Air Flow

One of the great features of this fridge is its Multi Air Flow system. This works by spreading cool air into the fridge evenly, allowing it to maintain an even temperature throughout. There is also Faster Cooling, this drops the air temperature in the fridge quickly, especially after the door has been opened.

LG 600L Door In Door Fridge With Inverter Linear Compressor

One of the reasons this fridge can provide you with up to 32% lower energy consumption, is its Inverter Linear Compressor. This compressor uses a linear piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive. Because of this change, the unit generates less internal friction and the compressor is also backed by a 10-year warranty.

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