LG XBOOMGo Bluetooth Speaker PL2


The LG XBOOMGo Bluetooth Speaker PL2 is water-resistant, uses Meridian technology, to provide you with premium quality sound, and produces up to 10 hours of playing time.

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Stylish LG Speaker That Is Water-Resistant

The LG XBOOMGo Bluetooth Speaker PL2 has a sleek, rounded design, and has a rubberized finish, that is easy to hold and will fit comfortably in your hand.

With an IPX5 rating, this LG Bluetooth speaker can get wet and it will still keep on working, so you can keep on dancing.

XBOOMGo Bluetooth Speaker PL2 With Rechargeable Battery

When it comes to a wireless device like the LG Bluetooth Speaker, it is important to use a good battery. This unit has a 10-hour battery life, that’s enough running time to ensure that the party never stops. In addition, you can charge devices using the USB port.

Meridian Technology With Sound Boost

The XBOOMGo Bluetooth Speaker uses Meridian technology, to provide you with premium quality sound, to ensure that you hear deep bass and rich tones, every time.

At a touch of a button, Sound Boost will amplify the sound power and widen the sound field, which will lift the party atmosphere.

Multiply The Sound Output With The LG XBOOMGo

If you have more than one LG XBOOMGo PL2 Bluetooth Speaker’s you can wirelessly connect them, in order to multiply the sound output.

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