Megamaster 6L 3 Leg Potjie POT0007


The Megamaster 6L 3 Leg Potjie POT0007 is made of cast iron material and is wax coated with a capacity of 6L.

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Cast Iron

The Megamaster 6L 3 Leg Potjie is made out of cast iron so it is naturally non-stick so it is easy to clean soap is not even needed nor recommended. You can just use water to clean the pot. And the 3 Leg Pot is durable and inexpensive.
You can use any utensil when you cooking with the Megamaster Pot, rest assured that metal utensils will not scrape the surface of the pot.

Wax Coated

The Megamaster 6L 3 Leg Potjie is wax coated so you don’t have to worry about the pot setting alight when you put it on top of a flame.

Capacity Of Megamaster 6L 3 Leg Potjie

The Megamaster Pot has a capacity of 6L so you can cook your favorite dishes over the fire from chicken curry to seafood curry.

If you are interested in this 3 Leg Pot with a larger capacity then you can purchase the Megamaster 7.8L 3 Leg Potjie POT0009 also from our website.

Dimensions Of Megamaster Potjie

The dimensions of the Megamaster Pot are H 245mm x L 235mm x W 235mm.

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