Mellerware Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle Kindle 35500


Within 15 minutes the Mellerware Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle is charged and ready for use. Heat is retained for about 3 hours and the fur finish gives it a soft touch.

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Please note: Stock currently only available in the WESTERN CAPE and GAUTENG

Heats Up Quickly

This Mellerware Hot Water Bottle is a rechargeable hot water bottle, that heats up quickly. Within 15 minutes the bottle is heated and ready for use. It is portable and retains heat for about 3 hours.


Fur finish gives the Kindle a soft touch feel. It is comfortable to hold and almost feels like a little pet you are holding. Equipped with a hand pouch, you can slide your hands into the bottle to warm them up.


The Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle has a double thermostat, that allows for added safety. The bottle is permanently sealed and thus requires no scalding or refilling.

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