Mellerware Vittoria Panini Grill 28550

Mellerware Vittoria Panini Grill 28560


Grill fish, meat, veggies and make that gourmet sandwich with the Mellerware Vittoria Panini Grill.


Top Class

A toasted cheese sandwich has to be one of the best inventions ever. The Mellerware Vittoria Panini Grill has non-stick flat plates that can make toasted cheese and more. Opening up at a 180-degree angle, this panini grill is great for anyone wanting to do gourmet sandwiches in a jiffy.

Get  More Out Of Your Panini Grill

The Mellerware Vittoria Panini Grill is not only for making sandwiches; here are some more uses:

  • Grilled/smashed potatoes: add your desired spices and flavours and grill
  • Meat, fish and poultry: grill some chicken, steak or salmon without having to put up the braai
  • Reheat food: heating up leftovers like pizza or a burger patty is not always ideal, but with the panini grill it’s quick and easy.
  • Grill vegetables: simple, quick and easy
  • Any kind of bread

Quick And Easy To Use

Featuring a variable temperature control allowing you to set the heat you desire while cooking, the panini grill fits right in. The floating top plate gives you the freedom to cook any size bread or sandwich, as well as stopping it from being flattened. The power and ready light determine when the panini grill is ready for use. With 2000W of power and a cord wrap for easy storage, this is the one you need to complete your kitchen set. With two drip trays for catching excess oil, you are able to cut back on unhealthy oils and enjoy your food without the hassle.

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