Miele Vacuum Bag GN-BAG


When it comes to using the Miele vacuum cleaner, it is important that you use original Miele products. Especially with regards to the Miele Vacuum Bag.

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Why Miele Only

That’s because the original, genuine Miele Vacuum Bag is a perfect match for your Miele Vacuum Cleaner. Using the original bag ensures that dust is directed with reliability and airflow guides ensure you make the most out of the bag’s capacity.

Miele Vacuum Bag With Hygienic Dust Removable

One of the great things with the Miele Vacuum Bag is how hygienic they are to use. This is all thanks to layers of filtration, which blocks fine dust and keeps it inside the bag. When you open the appliance GN and FJM dustbags close automatically, giving you the added benefit of hygienic dust removal. This is especially advantages if you are health conscious and if you or your family suffer from sinus issues.

When To Replace Your Bag

You will conveniently be alerted when to replace the bag by the vacuum itself. This gives you the opportunity to get a new bag if you don’t already have one handy and in so doing, extend the lifespan of your fantastic Miele Vacuum Cleaner. When using a new bag and a freshly replaced exhaust filter, you will get stronger suction power as well as a better overall cleaning performance.

More Than A Bag

When you purchase this Miele replacement set you will receive not only 4 original self-closing AirClean vacuum bags. Included you will also find 1 Motor Protection Filter as well as one AirClean filter bag. These can be used with any of the following in the Miele range – S400i-S456i, S600-S658, S800-S858, S2000-S2999 and S5000-S5999.

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