Rest Assured Opera Single Mattress


The Rest Assured Opera Single Mattress consists of luxurious moisture dispensing Viscose Breathe Blue Gel and Hyper Soft polyurethane layers. It is created using the Bonnell Coil System, which offers great support and comfort. Accommodates up to 110kg.

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  • 110kg per person
  • No-Turn mattress
  • Bonnell Coil System
  • Dual tempered coils for extra durability
  • 100% allergy and odour free foam layers
  • W 91cm x L 188cm
  • 2-year guarantee & 15-year warranty

Box Top With Open Cell Structure

Luxurious moisture dispensing Viscose Breathe Blue Gel and Hyper Soft polyurethane layers make up the box top layer of the Rest Assured Opera Single Mattress. Polyurethane foam is manufactured with an open cell structure. The open cell structure allows for better ventilation, therefore resulting in an ultra-hygienic sleep environment.

Bonnell Coil System

The Bonnell shape or hourglass spring is typically manufactured using anything between 3 – 6 coils. The Opera Single Mattress is designed using 6 coils made in accordance with Alternating Coil Technology (ACTive) and is assembled with knots facing each other, which eliminates the possibility of the spring unit tilting in one direction. The springs are all connected to one another using helical wires running through the top and bottom of the single mattress stopping the springs moving to the side when you apply pressure – giving you an equal spread of tension throughout.

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