ST Andrews Double Bed Set

Rest Assured ST Andrews Double Bed Set Extra Length


The Rest Assured ST Andrews Double Bed Set Extra Length is made using layers of quality, non-toxic foam surrounding strong, independent pocket springs which supports up to 120kg per person.


Dual Sided Sleep Surface

The Rest Assured ST Andrews Double Bed Set Extra Length takes the cutting edge in spring technology and combines that with layers of firm, reconstituted foam, high-density foam, fibre and memory foam which surround the springs on both sides of the mattress. The benefit being that it gives you a truly luxurious feel with the support of a stable Pocket Spring system.

Pocket Coils That Contour To Your Body

The Pocket Coil system employed in the ST Andrews Double Bed Set Extra Length has been designed to envelop your body while you sleep. It does this with the use of a unique design that allows each individual pocket coil to expand or compress into a soft and comfortable mould around the shape of your body. The Pocket Spring is unique in the sense that each spring works independently from one other. Adding memory foam to the comfort layer of the mattress also adds increased contouring to the shape of your body

Extra Durability

The benefits people enjoy from the pocket coil springs are made possible through a process of heat tempering, this simply makes the springs tougher but with an impressive outcome of giving your mattress a longer lifespan and also makes it possible to experience minimal to zero motion transfer to your sleeping partner.

ST Andrews Double Bed Set Extra Length With Edge Support

The border surrounding the ST Andrews Double Bed Set Extra Length is made up with a strong steel wire that ensures the mattress does not sag at the edges, because of this there is a less chance of your body rolling off the edge or having that feeling of falling off the bed.

Allergy Free

If you suffer from allergy or sinus problems then you should definitely consider getting this bed set. The ST Andrews is 100% odour free, containing zero chemicals that cause regular allergies like sneezing or having clogged up sinuses. If you do not have allergy or sinus problems it would still be nice to own a bed set made with a healthier benefit. Which is why every Rest Assured mattress is made to be completely stable, non-toxic and hygienic.

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