Rest Assured Wrexham King Mattress

Rest Assured Wrexham King Mattress


The Rest Assured Wrexham King Mattress is ideal if you want more stable support, luxury comfort and a firm surface for heavier people. Accommodates up to 135kg per person.

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Bonnell Coil System

Now here’s what you need to know about the Bonnell Coil system – it’s a classic for a reason and here’s why. The Bonnell shape or hourglass spring is typically manufactured using anything between 3 – 6 coils. The Rest Assured King Mattress is designed using 6 coils made in accordance with Alternating Coil Technology (ACTive) and is assembled with knots facing each other. This eliminates the possibility of the spring unit tilting in one direction. The springs are all connected to one another using helical wires running through the top and bottom of the mattress stopping the springs moving to the side when you apply pressure – giving you an equal spread of tension throughout.

Delta Wedges

Something we don’t really think about when it comes to our mattresses is a thing called Edge Support. Rest Assured has ensured that you get the most out of this king mattress by adding Delta Wedges. This preventing you from rolling off the edges of the bed and gives you maximum use of the mattress. So if you are someone that moves around when you sleep you will no longer wake up with the fear of falling off the side of the bed anymore.

Wrexham King Mattress With Double-Tempered Coils

Because the Wrexham was designed to accommodate people in heavier weights classes the springs in this mattress have undergone the process of being double tempered. Providing increased durability and allowing the springs to absorb more pressure while maintaining its shape and tension for longer.

Dual Side Mattress

Owning a dual side mattress can make all the difference in your life, extending the lifespan of your mattress, allowing it to redeem its comforting properties while adding to a more hygienic sleeping environment. Thankfully the Wrexham King Mattress is a quality dual side mattress and to top it off, its one that has been finished with genuine knitted ticking upholstery. Now not everyone wants to own a dual side mattress and if you are buying for an elderly member of the family or wouldn’t enjoy flipping your mattress then this is not for you, but if you want to add about 4 extra years to the life of your mattress then definitely go for it.

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