Restonic Kansas Jewel Double Extra Length Bed Set

Restonic Kansas Jewel Double Bed Set Extra Length


The Restonic Kansas Jewel Double Bed Set Extra Length has a plush comfort construction formed by memory foam innovation and pocket spring technology, delivering a plush comfort with a luxury feel. Accommodates up to 130kg.


Memory Foam Comfort

Boasting with an excellent comfort construction, memory foam adds to the plush value of the Restonic Kansas Jewel double extra length bed set mattress. Conforming to your unique body impression, this specialised foam adapts to the amount of pressure which is applied. Memory foam is a very temperature sensitive foam, softening up as it absorbs more of your body heat.

Along with the pocket spring system, this Double bed provides a lovely soft/plush mattress feel with enough support to accommodate up to 130 kgs per person.

Detail In Restonic Kansas Jewel Double Bed Set Extra Length

We often experience an unpleasant sleeping experience when sleeping close to the edges of a mattress. This rolling-off effect we experience is due to a lack of edge support as it is known in the bedding trade.

Restonic has secured the sides of this extra length mattress with a foam encasing for excellent edge support. Airzones can be found right around this foam encasement to help airflow throughout your mattress for a healthier and cooler nights rest.

Pocket Spring System

Renowned for their minimal movement transference over the top of the mattress, pocket coils have become quite popular amongst beds for couples. Individually encased in its own fabric pocket, the spring system is allowed to support your body independently without your movements being echoed over the mattress.

Used in conjunction with various other quality and high resilient foam layers which make up the rest of your extra length mattress, not to forget the luxurious memory foam layer, a unique and plush sleeping surface is provided that’ll last you throughout the years.

Marvelous Middle

Coined by Restonic themselves, Marvelous Middle has been repeated and copied to some extent by most bedding manufacturers. However, this particular design is unique to Restonic and is protected by their patented design.

The reinforced zoned pocket coil systems use a thicker wire gauge in the center third of your mattress, helping to provide extra durable support where your body needs it the most.

Who Should Buy This Bed?

Should you prefer a firm sleeping surface, then the Restonic Kansas Jewel double extra length bed set might not then be for you. You might alternatively still want all the Restonic benefits, but just without the plushness. In which case you might find the Florida Pocket more to your liking.

Being an extra length bed set, this particular model is 12 cm’s longer in length than your traditional beds. Generally ideal for taller people to prevent their feet from hanging over the foot of the bed.

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