Richmond 3 Piece Home Theatre

Richmond 3 Piece Home Theatre


The Richmond 3 Piece Home Theatre is a polyurethane lounge suite, which consists of synthetic leather that is easy to clean. There are two cup holders and this suite has a 2 action feature. Available in brown and beige.


Home Theatre Suite

The Richmond 3 Piece Home Theatre is a polyurethane lounge suite, which is made of synthetic leather, that is durable and easy to clean. You can easily wipe this suite, in the event that you, your child or a guest accidentally spills a drink.

There are two cup holders, that can be used to store your drinks, making this 3 Piece Home Theatre Suite ideal if you love watching movies and binging series with your partner.

The Richmond 3 Piece Home Theatre has a 2 action function, offering comfortable seating in your home.

Colour Availability

This 3 Piece Home Theatre lounge suite is available in PU Brown and Beige, depending on your preference.

PU Brown – UXW9207M

PU Beige – UXWM9207M/BEI


The dimensions of the recliner is H 1000mm X W 1040mm X D 860mm and of the console is H 1000mm X W 320mm X D 860mm.

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