Salton 400W Wall Panel Heater SPH55N

Salton 400W Wall Panel Heater SPH55N


The Salton 400W Wall Panel Heater is a fantastic unit that can warm up an entire room, while exerting minimal energy and is a great space saver.


A Great Energy Efficient Heater

The Salton 400W Wall Panel Heater is designed as an alternative to bar heaters and other high output heaters that consume a lot of electricity. These panel heaters operate at low surface temperatures and therefore uses minimal electricity. These units are made so that you can operate them for extended periods of time, enjoying a comfortable background heat, at a low cost. This unit can save up to 50% on heating costs when compared to that of an 800W heater.

Salton 400W Wall Panel Heater Is Family Friendly

A great benefit of the Salton 400W Wall Panel Heater is that it is safer to use around children and pets. This unit will efficiently warm up a room of up to 12 square meters and does not dry out the air, nor does it burn any oxygen.

Easy To Install And Personalise

This panel heater is extremely easy to install and the required drill bits are included with the unit. Because of the flat surface area, this heater does not take up any space and can be painted to match your home décor.

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