Samsung 13kg Top Loader WA13F5S2UWW

Samsung 13kg White Top Loader Washing Machine WA13F5S2UWW

R4,899.00 R3,999.00

The Samsung 13kg White Top Loader Washing Machine comes with Wobble Technology which uses a gentle wobble to use water to wash every inch of your fabrics. Samsung Top Loader makes sure your fabrics are lint-free with its Magic Filter.


  • 13kg load size
  • Max spin speed of 700rpm
  • Digital display
  • Child lock
  • Six programs
  • 5 water levels
  • Temperature selection
  • H 988mm x W 610mm x D 670mm
  • 2-year guarantee

Protect Your Fabrics

Samsung 13kg White Top Loader Washing Machine comes with Wobble Technology. Great for protecting your fabrics, this technology uses a gentle wobble to use water to wash every inch of your fabrics. It reduces friction and tangles on your load. It is also great for enhancing stain-fighting. This high-performing washing machine uses less water all while giving your fabrics with the most delicate care.

  • Horizontal rotation
  • Vertical water movement

It’s All In The Looks

Everyone wants appliances which look great while giving their best performance. This washing machine features round seamless edges which add to the efficiency of this appliance. The interior has a much better detergent inlet, a Dual Cluster Control Panel and a foldable tempered-glass lid which also help with safety.

Lint Free

Certain fabrics have a tendency to attract lint faster than normal. The Magic Filter tricks the lint to the bottom of the machine which is not normally done on other machines. What makes this filter even better is that it indicates when it needs a clean!

Gentle And Powerful Wash

The Diamond Drum featured in this washing machine delivers top performance while still protecting your fabrics. With smaller holes featured in this drum, your fabrics are moved around gently without getting caught on anything and receiving the best possible clean!

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

The Eco Drum Clean function of the Samsung 13kg White Top Loader Washing Machine is just as important as cleaning your washing. This function cleans detergent and any dirt build-up inside the drum. For every 40 loads, you wash the machine will remind you when it needs a clean.

Drying Perfection

Blankets, thick jackets and jerseys take a longer time to dry compared to your usual washing load. The Air Turbo Drying System (During the spin cycle) moves the drum really fast while more air is drawn in to remove excess water.

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