Samsung 499L Top Freezer RT50K6531SL

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The Samsung 499L Top Freezer has an A+ Energy Efficiency rating, water dispenser and Twin Cooling Plus system that cools the fridge and freezer compartment separately.


Energy Saver

The Samsung 449L Top Freezer has an A+ Energy Efficiency rating so you will be saving energy, therefore you will have a reduced electricity bill and you’ll be protecting the planet.

Antibacterial Protector

An Anti-Bacterial Protector located inside the fridge compartment keeps the fridge clean and hygienic. The Anti-Bacterial Protector contains an anti-bacterial mesh that eliminates bacteria in the air.

Twin Cooling Plus

Samsung 499L Top Freezer has a Twin Cooling Plus system that cools the fridge and freezer compartment separately to stop your food odors from spreading across the two compartments.  Twin Cooling system creates a favorable environment for your food in the fridge compartment by preserving your food with a 70% humidity, therefore your food will last longer.

Five Conversion Modes

Samsung 499L Top Freezer has 5 conversion modes, three modes for the top compartment and two modes for the bottom compartment.

In the event that you need more fridge space, you can convert the top compartment from a freezer to a fridge.

The Fridge Compartment

The fridge has a net volume of 374 L, which is perfect for a newlywed couple moving into their own place or a family of three. Interior of the Samsung 499L Top Freezer contains LED lighting to make it easier to find all your items; especially at night when you go to the fridge for a midnight snack. Fridge consisting of a crisper and 4 shelves including a slide shelf that will allow you to efficiently store, and access the food in your fridge.

There are 4 door racks and an egg tray is included for convenient egg storage.

The Freezer Compartment

This Samsung freezer has the net volume of 125L and a drawer with 2 door racks and a twist icemaker is included.

Dimensions Of The Samsung Top Freezer

The Samsung 499L Top Freezer measures H 1785mm x W 790mm x D 770mm.

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