Sealy Ashby Double Bed Set

Sealy Ashby Double Bed Set


One of our best sellers, the Ashby uses the world famous Sealy Posturepedic spring system to ensure proper spinal alignment. Aloe Vera fabric keeps your sleeping environment healthy and air vents ensures breathability of your Sealy mattress. The Sealy Ashby Double Bed Set accommodates up to 120kg per person.

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No Fuss, Just A Great Quality Mattress

Part of the world famous Sealy Posturepedic range, the Sealy Ashby Double Bed Set provides all the support and comfort one would expect from an internationally renowned spring system. Providing not only proper back support, but also added luxury features such as Aloe Vera treated fabric, Air Vents, Edge Support and much more.

When looking for a great value for money Sealy bed, look no further than this supportive double sleep set.

Support – Sealy Posturepedic Double Offset Coil

The famous coil system was designed by Sealy with the help of orthopaedic surgeons to deliver a mattress support structure which delivers proper back and spinal alignment. This means not only does the coil system live up to Sealy standards, but it’s also the only support structure designed along with orthopaedic surgeons to ensure optimal quality and support.

A hinging action delivered on both sides of the coil allows the system to adapt to your unique body weight and sleeping position. All this sleep technology translates into a coil system that adjusts itself to your specific indentation, delivering support unique to each individual.

Apart from proper back support which is delivered through the Posturepedic’s hinging action, the coil system also prevents roll-together between partners making the Sealy Ashby Double Bed Set an ideal sleeping partner.

Health You’ll Love – Aloe Vera Fabric

Health plays an important role in our day to day lives and seeing how we spend a third of our day on our mattresses, it’s an important factor to keep in mind when buying your next bed.

With the Ashby, the mattress fabric is intertwined with aloe vera to create a healthier sleeping environment. Aloe Vera holds health care properties which act as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite protection, helping to promote your wellbeing.

Comfort You’ll Feel – Firm Mattress Feel

Equipped with StayTrue Sealy Foam, this double Posturepedic mattress supports your body with exceptional comfort. These foam layers make up the foundation of your Ashby mattress comfort fillings, the end results is a firm feel with great push back support. An isolator pad sits between the coil system and the StayTrue Sealy Foam preventing spring feel and provides constant strength with its high-quality fibre pad.

Many mattresses cave in on the sides as we tend to use the edge as a seating surfaces when getting dressed. Thanks to SitRight Edge Support this problem is prevented with the Sealy Ashby Double Bed Set before it even occurs.

Surrounding the edges of the mattress, the edge support system allows a firm seating surface for both practicality and durability. Adding to the advantages of this support system, it also prevents that “rolling off” feeling one tends to experience when sleeping close to the mattress edge – Increasing your sleeping surface for a better night rest.

Experience More With Sealy Ashby Double Bed Set

Handles are situated around the mattress as additional gripping points to make moving of the mattress easier. Also to be found around your double mattress are air vents.

These vents help with the breathability of your mattress, keeping it fresh, dry and healthy.

Reinforced wood base forms the pivotal foundation on which your Sealy Posturepedic mattress is placed on. Your Sealy base provides the necessary support your mattress needs in order to support you. The base has six legs for all-around support and provides the Sealy Ashby double bed set with steady support from bottom to top.

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