Sealy Cleanshield Quilted Pillow Protector


The Sealy Cleanshield Quilted Pillow Protector creates a barrier to protect you from dust mites, allows air circulation to prevent heat build-up and will prolong the life of your pillow.

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Cleanshield Quilted Pillow Protector

Keep your pillowsas fresh and clean as the day you bought them, with the Sealy Cleanshield Quilted Pillow Protector. It is made to provide a barrier to stains and dirt. Sealy protectors are durable and effective, without reducing the health benefits that the pillow provides. There are many more benefits to this pillow protector. The additional benefits are:

  • Comfortable – Quilted microfibre fabric with a suede finish
  • Micro Breathable – Allows air circulation to prevent heat build-up
  • Absorption – Effective protection against liquid penetration
  • Anti-Bacterial – Effective protection against bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs (a major cause of asthma, rhinitis & eczema)

Easy To Clean Mattress Protector

The following tips will help you to clean the Sealy Cleanshield Quilted Pillow Protector:

  • 60-degree wash, tumble dry low setting
  • Do not wash together with sharp objects e.g: zips and buckles
  • Do not expose backing to direct sunlight
  • Do not dry against or attach with sharp objects e.g: pegs, broken wire, damaged wash lines, etc.

A Sealy Protector has a 5-year warranty.

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