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The Siemens Sensor For Senses Cordless Kettle is great for making coffee and perfect for making tea. With a stylish design that is also easy to clean.

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Temperature Control

The Siemens Cordless Kettle eliminates the need to re-boil water, thanks to the keepWarm Sensor. It regulates the water at the temperature you set for up to 30 minutes. Giving you enough time for a refill or two without having to wait for the water to boil again.

Tea Fit For The Queen

If you are a big fan of tea you will know that there are a wide range of teas available. In order to extract the maximum flavour from these various teas, they require infusion at a specific temperature level. Depending on the specific tea of course. Siemens have included a sensorControl function that gives you the ability to program four different temperature levels. You can heat the water to 100°C, 90°C, 80°C or 70°C, depending on your required preference. Now you can have that perfect cup of tea, regardless of the blend.

Siemens Cordless Kettle With Three Safety Functions

Most standard kettles available these days will have an automatic shutdown switch that is activated when the water reaches boiling point. This kettle, of course, has the same feature, but Siemens has not stopped there. They have in fact added two more safety features, specifically the overheating and run-dry protection. These are extremely handy to have, especially if you have ever switched on your kettle and forgotten to check the water level first. And let’s be honest, that has happened to nearly everyone at some point.

Easy To Clean

Manufactured using quality material and a design with a wide lid entry makes this kettle very easy to clean. The base is made with a stainless steel interior, making it easy to clean and gives you a more hygienic kettle. Accessing the inside of the kettle is simple thanks to the wide entrance of the lid. This is made even easier thanks to the convenient placement of the opening switch placed directly on the handle.

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