Smeg 13 Place Classica Dishwasher DW9QSDXSA-1


The Smeg 13 Place Classica Dishwasher has an A+++ energy rating, 9L water consumption, hidden control panel, 24 hour delay timer and there are 5 programs and 5 quick time programs, that you can make use of to make your life easier.

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  • A+++ energy efficient
  • 13 place setting
  • Hidden control panel
  • Noise level of 44 dBa(A)
  • Stainless Steel handle
  • 9L water consumption
  • Up to 24 hour delay timer
  • Sliding FlexiDuo cutlery basket
  • Height adjustment upper basket
  • Lower basket with anti-drip inserts
  • Total Acquastop flood protection
  • 10 programs – 5 programs and 5 quick programs
  • H 848mm x W 598mm x D 600mm
  • 3-year guarantee

Great Looks And Practical Too

The Smeg 13 Place Classica Dishwasher is made to provide an optimal cleaning performance while also being an energy efficient unit. These dishwashers are designed so that you can adjust and alter the upper basket which has 3 horizontal height adjustment levels, this allows you to create more space when needed.

With a FlexiDuo 3rd cutlery basket, that has two separate and movable modules, you have the freedom to arrange your cutlery, small cups and bulky utensils as you’d like to.

Thermal Disinfection

One of the benefits of this Smeg 13 Place Dishwasher is that it comes fully loaded with a Sanitizing Hyclean option, which, when selected, activates a piping hot 70°C anti-bacterial rinse at the end of the cycle for hygienically cleaner and safer dishwashing all-round.

Dishwasher Programs

With 5 programs and 5 quick time programs that you can make use of, the Smeg 13 Place Classica Dishwasher will make your life easier.

The programs are:

  • Glass- ideal for glass and mixed dishes with light dirt
  • Soak- cold prewash for pans and dishes that are awaiting completion of the load
  • Super- suited for pans that are very dirty and dishes, even with dried-on residues
  • Eco- perfect for dishes with normal dirt and even with dried-on residues
  • Auto sensor 45°-65°- for dishes with normal dirt and dried-on residues

The quick time programs are:

  • Rapid 27- a 27-minute cycle that is ideal for dishes with light dirt that needs to be washed immediately after use
  • Normal Quick – Dishes with normal dirt, washed immediately after use
  • Strong and Fast – perfect for mixed dishes with normal dirt without any dried-on residues
  • Eco Quick – ideal for dishes with normal dirt that needs to be washed immediately after use
  • Delicate and Quick – for delicate dishes with normal dirt

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