SnoMaster 26kg Ice Maker SM26S


The SnoMaster 26kg Ice Maker can produce up to 30 ice cubes per 45 min cycle making it suitable for a bar or entertainment area. Thanks to the front discharge, the ice maker can be built in.

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  • 400W
  • 30 cubes per 45 min cycle
  • 26kg of bullet-shaped ice per 24hr
  • Approximately 32mm ice cube size
  • Gravity fed drain icemaker
  • H 640mm x W 380mm x D 530mm
  • 3-year warranty on ice maker
  • 5-year warranty on the compressor

SnoMaster Ice Maker

The SnoMaster 26kg Ice Maker will make up to 30 cubes per cycle which is 45 minutes and thanks to the front discharge, the ice maker can be built-in. The Spray system gives a clear, solid ice block and requires a filtration system to be installed to help protect the “spray” function.

Plumbed Ice Maker

You never have to worry about filling your ice maker, you can just have the SnoMaster Ice Maker connected to the main water supply and let your ice machine do the rest of the work. If you need in a hurry and you don’t have the energy to walk or drive to the shop, you can switch on the SnoMaster 26kg Ice Maker and have ice in less than an hour. Remember that due to the gravity fed drain, the drain point must be lower than the ice maker.

Please note: This SnoMaster Ice Maker needs to be installed by a registered plumber.

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