Solenco Rechargeable Cupboard Dehumidifier

Solenco Rechargeable Cupboard Dehumidifier


The Solenco Rechargeable Cupboard Dehumidifier is a simple and brilliant little dehumidifier that contains Silica gel, which is a natural absorber of moisture and requires no power to work. Ideal for a small space that is suffering from damp.


Please note: Stock only available in Cape Town and Kwa-Zula Natal

  • 100% Wireless
  • Children and Pet Safe
  • No batteries or cables
  • Most efficient in area size of 1m³
  • 15cm x 12cm x 4cm
  • 1-year guarantee

How The Solenco Symphony Cupboard Dehumidifier Works

The Solenco Rechargeable Cupboard Dehumidifier contains Silica gel. Silica gel is a gel that is a natural absorber of moisture and requires no power to work. You do not have to plug it in to use it, you can simply recharge it like a phone and once it is charged up, you can place the unit inside the space to be kept dry and it will start to work instantly.

When the Solenco Rechargeable Cupboard Dehumidifier has absorbed all of the moisture, in an area, the display on the front of the Solenco unit will change colour, then you can remove it from the space and charge it. While the Solenco Dehumidifier is charging, a heating plate in the center of the cassette heats up the silica gel, to release the moisture and regenerate the gel ready to be used again. This process can be repeated thousands of times.

One Appliance With Many Uses

Solenco has created the rechargeable dehumidifier that complements a full-size portable dehumidifier and can work in areas where a normal dehumidifier cannot help. This small cassette can be used in many areas, including:

  • In a wardrobe to stop clothes from smelling
  • In kitchen or bathroom cupboards etc, to prevent mould growth in small spaces
  • In toolboxes to stop tools from rusting
  • Areas where photography equipment is held
  • In gun safes, to keep ammunition dry
  • Lockers
  • In a boat or a caravan
  • Popular with museums of display cases and storage cabinets

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