Solenco Symphony 50L Air Cooler Diet50i


Cool off on those hot summer days while you save energy with the remote-controlled Solenco Symphony 50L Air Cooler, which has a 50L water tank and ice chamber included.

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  • 170W
  • 50L water tank
  • Three fan speeds
  • Ice chamber included
  • Full function remote with 7-hour timer
  • High-efficiency honeycomb cooling pad
  • H 135cm x L 43cm x B 36cm
  • 1-year guarantee

Save Energy With The Air Cooler

You can cool off on those hot summer days while you save energy with the Solenco Symphony 50L Air Cooler. With the Solenco Air Cooler, you can still keep your windows open but this appliance is just a ‘greener’ way to cool down in summer.

For Household And Office Use

The Solenco Air Cooler is the perfect appliance to use to cool down, there are no unsighted pipes and they can be used inside or outside the house, in the event that you have guests who want to chill on the patio during a hot day where there is no wind. Say goodbye to your visitors complaining about how hot it is in the waiting area, the Solenco Symphony 50L Air Cooler will cool your visitors that are waiting for a meeting or guests who are waiting to be helped.

How The Solenco Symphony Air Cooler Works

There is a pump that circulates water from the tank on to the honeycomb cooling pad and the cooling pad becomes wet, the fan draws hot air from outside the unit and forces it through the moistened honeycomb pad and as the air passes through the wet pad it gets cooled by means of evaporation.

If you would like an air cooler with a smaller water tank, you can purchase the Solenco Symphony 22L Air Cooler or the Solenco Symphony 8L Air Cooler from our website as well.

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