Spindel 6.5kg Dryer


The Spindel 6.5kg Dryer removes the majority of water in your machine washed or hand washed laundry and it is very compact and light, making it easy to move around the house. Safe for all fabric types.

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Spindel Dryer

Whether you’d like to dry hand washed laundry or machine washed laundry, the Spindel 6.5kg Dryer will remove the majority of water in your washing. The Spindel dryer spins at 2800rpm, which is double the spin power of most washing machines. Unlike other washing machines, this 6.5kg dryer is very compact and light enough to be moved around the house.

Safe For All Fabrics

The spin action of the Spindel 6.5kg Dryer ensures that fabrics do not tumble around the stainless steel drum, so there is no stretching, pulling or knotting of your garments, in addition, there is no heat applied to the laundry, making it ideal for hand-washed delicates such as silk or woollen jerseys. You can load up to 4 king size sheets in this 6.5kg dryer.


This highly energy efficient dryer has a height of 640mm and a width 385mm.

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