Titan Double Headboard


The Titan Double Headboard is constructed out of Acacia wood and will prevent your pillows from falling off your bed, while providing comfortable back support.

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You Won’t Lose Your Pillows

Have you ever woken up in the morning and you see your pillows are laying in the gap between your bed and the wall? The Titan Double Headboard will prevent your pillows from falling into that gap.

No Stains No Marks

If you are considering moving your bed completely away from the wall, to prevent stains and marks against your wall, then you should purchase a headboard.

Comfortable Back Support

The Titan Double Headboard will ensure that you have comfortable back support, while you are sitting upright, watching tv or reading a book.

Pinewood Headboard

Another benefit of the pine wood headboard is that it is durable and it is less expensive than other types of wood.

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Acacia Wood with Metal Trim

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