Weber Crimson Red Master-Touch GBS Grill 14503004

Weber Crimson Red Master-Touch GBS Grill 14503004


Weber Crimson Red Master-Touch GBS Grill is weather-proof, extremely durable and with the 57cm diameter cooking area and gourmet grid to increase your range of dishes.

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Porcelain Bowl And Lid

The crimson red porcelain-enameled bowl and lid of the Weber Crimson Red Master-Touch GBS Grill, makes them weather-proof and extremely durable and less prone to have scratches and cracks after being used. Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid are heat resistant, generally able to withstand temperatures up to 1000°F.

Build On Thermometer

With the Thermometer mounted to the lid you will know the exact temperature inside the grill, so you will not be caught in the event that your meat takes longer to prepare.

Lid Holder

When you remove the Lid of the grill, there is a tuck-away system which allows you to place the lid, giving you the ability to remove or add meat or remove gird, without the hassle of holding the lid. Another benefit of the Lid Holder is that you can position your grill in such a way that when the lid is placed in the lid holder, it will act as a windshield to block the wind.

Ash Catcher

Weber Crimson Red Master-Touch GBS Grill has a New and improved rust-proof aluminum ash catcher, that has a high capacity in order to store the ash from the grill. Ash will be swept, using the One-Touch cleaning system, into the Ash catcher which is removable, so you can empty remove it and through the ash in a heatproof container or in a packet once the ash has cooled down.

Large Cooking Area

Invite your family and friends over for a braai and with a 57cm cooking area, you can braai all the meat in a matter of minutes.

Crack Proof Wheels

All-weather rubber wheels allow you to easily transport the Weber grill from inside, to the outside of your house or from outside of your house, into your house in the event that you are braaing and it starts raining.

Additional Accessories

Weber Crimson Red Master-Touch GBS Grill has a gourmet grill to increase your range of dishes that you can create. You are able to add a number of GBS accessories such as the pizza stone, wok and griddle pan.

Color Variation

If you interested in the Weber Master-Touch GBS, you’d be happy to know that it comes in a variety of colors, depending on your color preference and all are available for purchase on our website. Weber Master-Touch GBS comes in;


The dimensions of the Weber Master-Touch GBS Grill are H 980mm x W 680mm x D 570mm.

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